PayXtract - Effortless Data Extraction from Any Document

Automate Document Processing & Free Up Your Team

Stop wasting time on manual data entry! PayXtract, our cloud document processing platform, uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to automatically extract data from various documents including invoices, agreements, forms, and contracts. This frees up your team to focus on more strategic tasks.

Unlock the Benefits of Automated Data Extraction

Increased Efficiency

Reduce manual data entry by up to 75%, maximizing team productivity

Improved Accuracy

Eliminate errors and ensure data consistency with automated extraction.

Faster Processing

Process large volumes of documents quickly, reducing turnaround times.

Enhanced Search

Easily search and retrieve documents based on extracted data for improved accessibility

Powerful Features for Streamlined Workflows

Invoice Data Extraction

Automate invoice processing by extracting key information automatically.

Contract Data Extraction

Capture critical data from contracts with ease

Customizable Fields

Design templates to capture specific data points from various document types.

Automatic Document Source

Our platform automatically identifies document sources for efficient processing.

Review & Approval

Review and approve extracted data for added control and accuracy.

Scalable Cloud-Based Solution

Pay-As-You-Go Model

Pay only for the data you extract, making it cost-effective for all businesses.

On-Demand Scalability

Easily scale processing capacity to meet changing document volumes.

No Additional Costs

No upfront hardware or software investment required. Simple setup with zero maintenance hassle.

Seamless Integration for a Connected Workflow

PayXtract integrates with your existing systems like DMS, ERP, and CRM, ensuring extracted data flows smoothly into your existing workflows for further processing and analysis.

How it works ?


Salient Features that make the solution dynamic, responsive & smart

Create Unlimited Templatessss

Create Unlimited Templates

No restrictions on the number of templates created. This helps organizations process a host of forms and documents, just set it once and keep hitting process everytime a new batch of docs are scanned.

Pay As You Go

No need to pay AMC, or subscribe to plans. You will only be charged for actual data extracted.

Pay As You Go
On-Cloud Solution

On-Cloud Solution

This plug & play tool is easy to setup and configure. Owing to it’s cloud hosting, there are no additional license or server costs involved.

Easy Integration

The data from this tool can be easily integrated with DMS Online, ERP, CRM, Electronic workflows or any other solution for further processing.

Easy Integration

Ready to Automate Your Document Processing?

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