Simplify CKYC with Powerful AI Automation

The Challenge of Manual CKYC Processing

The Central KYC (CKYC) process is essential for financial institutions (BFSI) to comply with regulations and identify potential risks. However, manual CKYC processing can be time-consuming, prone to errors, and lead to delays. This can negatively impact customer onboarding times and overall efficiency.


How AI Automation Streamlines Your CKYC Workflow

Manual CKYC (Central KYC) processing is a hurdle for financial institutions (banks, NBFCs etc.). Hridayam Soft, a leading kyc software providers company in Mumbai, offers an AI Powered CKYC Solution to streamline your CKYC workflow and:

Automate Document Processing

AI extracts and verifies data from scanned documents (ID proof, address proof) automatically, minimizing errors.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Reduce errors and free up staff by automating data entry tasks with our kyc management software.

Ensure CERSAI Compliance

Our solution ensures files comply with CERSAI's data and formatting requirements.

Identify Duplicate Records

Eliminate duplicate entries in your system and CERSAI's database for data accuracy with our kyc verification software.

Unlock the Advantages of Automated CKYC

Faster Customer Onboarding

Experience significant reductions in CKYC processing times with our kyc banking software.

Enhanced Accuracy & Compliance

Reduce errors and ensure CERSAI compliance with automated verification.

Improved Efficiency & Cost Savings

Free up staff resources and reduce administrative burdens associated with manual CKYC processing.

Secure & Scalable Solution

Our cloud-based platform ensures the security and scalability of your CKYC data.


Process Flow

1) Scan the Application form along with POA & POI

2) Filter out existing CKYC Records: the tool searches through the CERSAI DB & removes existing records

3) Auto Crop / Identify while processing records the tool auto crops scanned docs

4) Data Entry: import data from the institution master or enter data manually

5) Review: QC scanned & cropped images vis-à-vis data entry for each record created.

6) Approve the records

7) System will generate files as per CERSAI requirements

8) Apply Digital Signature on the day’s batch

9) Push to CERSAI’s SFTP

CKYC Automation
CERSAI - Compliant Solution
Application has been built as per CERSAI’s guidelines, following the file type & dimensions for customer Photo, POI, POA and format for flat file
Automation & Integration
Application has semi-automated segments that require minimal manual efforts, thus reducing the TAT. Capable of integrating Financial Institution’s database with CERSAI database to maintain customer information & digital copies of POI & POA documents
Application is capable of automatically screening records in Financial Institution’s database as well as CERSAI’s portal to identify duplicate/already existing customer records.
Web-Based Solution
Web-based application that can be accessed anytime anywhere; thus bringing all stakeholders on a common platform and promoting real-time monitoring
Scalable & Affordable Model
Application is a scalable model that can suit the growing needs of diverse financial entities. It is a cost effective solution that brings all parts of the CKYC process on a single platform

Automate Your CKYC Today

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