Access To Information Is Important For Well-Organized Business Processes.

ShareDocs Enterpriser acts as a Central Repository for all your documents & helps it manage in a more secured way. It enables the storing of multimedia materials, which are integrated into logical contexts, connecting relevant records inside the system.
Management of this depository is done in an absolutely organized manner as follows:

Workflow Management:

Workflow is a sequence of operations, declared as work of a person or group, an organization of staff. A Workflow Management System is a software system for the setup, performance & monitoring of a defined sequence of tasks arranged as a workflow. In simple words, users initiate document upload, then manager either approves or reject. If approved, system upload the document. If rejected, system send it back to the user for further action.

Process Management:

The whole process of document archival is done systematically in an absolutely organized manner. Since the process is predefined, there are no chances of errors.

Process for Hard Copies:

The process is somewhat like this: After receiving any document, the document is scanned, now details are entered in the respective data class, file creation is done. After verification, if approved, audit is done. (If not, document is returned.) Finally the document is indexed & uploaded to the server.

Process for Soft Copies:

Files in word, excel & PDF format are uploaded to Central Repository. Now these documents are accessible to users to read/download/delete according to the rights given to them.

Document Management:

Due to wide range of supported documents, system can efficiently handle various documents, track them & notify respective users.

Images Management:

Uploaded images of various documents follow predefined workflows to addresses inside the organization, where they are later processed.