Are you trying to figure out any of the below?

What would happen to your physical documents after the soft copies are uploaded on ShareDocs Enterpriser?

What if you want to store your physical documents in spite of uploading their digital counterparts on the DMS?

Do you wish to retain your archived documents in the physical form and only upload and manage the documents that are currently in use with ShareDocs Enterpriser?

No worries there!

Our constant endeavour is to keep your documents safe with us. Our records management partner has huge storage spaces to stack your documents and take care of them until you want them to.We’ll help you store your important documents in cartons inside their warehouses.

“Confidential documents can be kept in temperature-controlled storage vaults to ensure important physical documents never age!”

Wondering how we would do this? A talk sorts it all. We will have a discussion with you if you may be interested in storing your documents at our partner’s warehouse. If that does not click with you, we can also help you organize your physical documents and set up a storehouse within your office premises.Our records management partner can provide consulting services to make sure this process is equally hassle-free.

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