User Level Login with Password & Role Based document access and activity. Admin can authorize user for folder creation and New MetaData creation.
Admin can set Multi-Tier Access Control at Folder, Document & Meta Data Level.
Every file which is getting uploaded to ShareDocs Enterpriser gets encrypted. Even if someone gets physical access to storage, files cannot be viewed directly.
Authorized user can lock a file for deleting.
Document Upload To Central Repository
Single file upload and Bulk file Upload for files with meta Data in the folders for which user have necessary rights.
Upload files without Meta Data.
Authorized users can Upload documents through Zip files. Solution will itself unzip the files in respective folders.
Admin can import Documents and its data entry directly into folder or sub folder.
Document Control & Document Access
Categorize your Documents for Easy and Sorted access.
Built in Viewer for PDF, Tiff, Word, Xcel, PPT and JPEG. Currently you can open 18 types of files within ShareDocs. It brings everyone on single platform.
It may happen that you need to replace the existing file with newer version, you can do it in ShareDocs without deleting or over writing the existing file.
While uploading files you can add some note & remarks to the file.
You can set alerts for specific activities done in ShareDocs like folder creation. You can also set alerts for workflow.
You can link multiple files together for reference.
Search is the most important part of ShareDocs Enterpriser you can Search on - File Name, Meta Data Category, Key Words, Key Words.
Document Download
Authorized user can Download document in native format and additionally to PDF thru built in PDF converter.
Authorized user can Download complete folder in Zip format.
Download MetaData and details of uploaded files in Excel format.
Each action performed by user is stored in Audit Trail automatically, you can generate report of various actions of users separately.
Graphical Dashboard provides all statistics related to file upload in charts format.