ShareDocs Enterpriser - Standard

Ideal document management system for MSMEs that need:

Digitization of Documents

Includes scanning of physical documents

Includes indexing documents for quicker search

Also includes uploading of documents on the DMS

Document Indexing

Search for documents the easy way

Follow structured search and save the query builder for later use

Customize indexing fields or add as many as required

Import indexing fields in the CSV format

Permanent and Secure Database

256-bit encryption evades unauthorized access

Secure documents from misuse, mishandling and disasters

Create folder structures as per requirement

Define necessary access rights for user groups

Utilize the in-built backup system for quick, easy and regular backup

Ease of Use

Bring users from varied locations, of varied designations on a common platform

Easily accessible from any web browser

Does not require user-end installation

Universal Document Viewer, compatible with 22 file formats