ShareDocs Enterpriser - Pro

Pro-organizations that require:

Advanced Workflow

ShareDocs Enterpriser - Pro offers advanced workflows, promising least human intervention

Set different rules for varied workflows and varied requirements

Set automated time-based escalation matrix

Trigger email alerts for overdue approvals

Set automated calculations

Set customized validations for better workflow movement

High Security

ShareDocs Enterpriser - Pro offers supreme-level security of access and data protection.

Authenticate user logins with existing Active Directory

Monitor and simplify user management

Insert watermarks into PDF files to specify ownership of documents

Auto-encrypt documents for enhanced data protection

Use https protocol for secure communication


ShareDocs Enterpriser - Pro offers automation in document management.

Use 'Smart Document sets' to create E-files or virtual folders

Capture indexing entries from document names

Capture indexing entries from similar type of documents by using zonal OCR

Design templates to generate documents by manual data entry or importing data entry