ShareDocs Enterpriser: Lawful Protector of Your Confidential Legal Data.

Legal documents equal humongous amount of paperwork. Most of these documents include highly confidential data like power of attorney, agreements, case papers, case studies and more. Losing one in-process document can cost a fortune! Hence, these documents need to be kept in a safe place and should be protected from human and natural calamities. ShareDocs Enterpriser offers the most-needed security that these documents require.

“It offers virtual folders, better folder structures and data storage on cloud servers as well as in-house servers. This user-friendly DMS makes the most mundane kind of jobs feel like thrill! “

What’s more, there’s scanning, uploading, indexing, content search, structured search, OCR search and several other interesting features all packed in one DMS. You ask the cost? Research says, it’s one of the most economical document management systems!

What if you are impressed by Enterprise or Office Well, you can buy this software as a SaaS solution or purchase Linux Box to work as your repository.

What’s more you ask? There’s Split PDF to split huge documents into smaller chunks automatically.

Developed by - Hridayam Soft Solutions