Are you wondering how to integrate our DMS with your existing process solutions?

ShareDocs Enterpriser can be easily integrated with currently deployed solutions like HRMS, ERP and the likes so that you have a user-friendly DMS without having to discard your existing solution. We will ensure you never have to bargain on the comfort that your existing systems provide.

"We will sit with you to draft a plan of action. You have to tell us what information you would want to be included in the DMS and what information stays on your existing solutions."

How does that work? Well, a discussion begins it all. Then, you have to tell us what data we need to pull from the existing solutions and what data you would want us to push into your existing solutions.

If your existing solutions work on APIs, we can also sync and integrate with your solutions and make our DMS work in harmony. For example, workflow management can start in ShareDocs Enterpriser – Pro and requisitions can end in your HRMS. If APIs do not work, additional software solutions are deployed to make the DMS work. It can even work the other way. You initiate a process in HRMS and end it with our DMS and store it forever.

Developed by - Hridayam Soft Solutions