ShareDocs Enterpriser: Builder of a Reliable DMS for the Infrastructure Industry.

If there is an industry that has never seen the ‘dark of the day’, it is this! Infrastructure, real-estate, transportation, corporate spaces, real estate properties, soon-developing plots, heavy engineering, industrial projects, all make their first drafts on paper. During the growth and development phase, there are more documents than ever before. This chain continues even after a project is handed over to a client, in the name of maintenance.

“All these documents are not just pieces of paper but include a lot of investment, finances linked to them, and mandates followed. “

While industry experts and their teams focus on their area of expertise, ShareDocs Enterpriser can take care of the documents that are created in the process. It offers features like scanning, uploading, indexing, split PDF, SaaS, OCR, content search, structured search, customized solutions for high net-worth individuals and, of course, data confidentiality!

“It can also help manage older documents and legacy documents that can mean a lot of money.”

Liked the solution but don’t want to bear the cost of setting it up? You’ve got choice!

Apart from Enterprise and Office, we also have SaaS and Linux Box as a solution.

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