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Aug 04 2016

5 ways to calculate ROI for your ECM investment

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Step 1. Estimate current document handling and storage costs. To find out how much is currently spent on a monthly basis to handle paper documents, list down the following: number of employees who handle paper documents, their average hourly salary, and time spent by each employee retrieving documents, making copies, recreating existing information, and faxing […]

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Mar 15 2016

6 Major Benefits of Online Document Management System

Documents or records of an organization are the most valuable asset which you can say as the corporate memory. Therefore, it is vital to have a systematic management of these documents all through its lifecycle. Thus, document management companies in India are nowadays appearing in the business market like mushrooms in rainy days. These companies […]

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Nov 06 2015

Operate Your Business with Online DMS and Make Your Surrounding Paperless

The growing effectiveness of the document management system has enabled the organization to manage their work splendidly and has become popular all around the globe. These enhance feature is saving lots of time so it is certainly a justified reason for its growing popularity.   Not only the program saves time but even it provides […]

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