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Nov 12 2016

Three Methods of Searching documents in any Document Management Solution

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“Search is the most important functionality of any Document Management Solution. Any DMS is incomplete and ineffective if it is not equipped with strong search functionality. Effective data management and easy data retrieval are supposed to be the key traits of a good DMS. Hence, the search functionality is expected to be the most important attribute […]

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Nov 18 2015

Document Management Makes a Small Business Flourish More with Enhanced Security

Document Management plays an important role in all the big and small companies. It lowers down the level of complexity when the process of loading, unloading and converting is completed successfully. It has many things to do, from scanning to saving the data, from paper mode to digital mode. These conversions make searching the files […]

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Nov 05 2015

Document Management Solution India Will Be Certainly Helpful For Any Business

With the growing popularity of document management solution India, it is getting admired by the businesses all over India vastly. This is because of the numerous benefits it provides to the businesses. Document management solution even saves cost and time that is effective for dual reasons. The document management solutions system is not limited for […]

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Sep 02 2015

This is how the User Dashboard Looks

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Metrics, KPIs, measures – data, data, data. Our businesses can’t function without it. When we can understand and make productive use of the data, that is. It’s easy to get buried in spreadsheets and reports, and to take in large amounts of data without deriving any real knowledge from it. It’s easy to lose the […]

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