Nov 18 2015

Document Management Makes a Small Business Flourish More with Enhanced Security

Document Management plays an important role in all the big and small companies. It lowers down the level of complexity when the process of loading, unloading and converting is completed successfully. It has many things to do, from scanning to saving the data, from paper mode to digital mode.

These conversions make searching the files easier by sorting it into different categories like date, type, size, location, keywords and many more. Synchronization of edited and changed files becomes easy and can be easily accessed by the employees on their devices, at any time.

Small Step towards Document Management

When doing a management of small business, many things are to be kept in mind, from cost to time management. This is not that easy, but yes precision on all the decisions made for a company can be a very big step towards the goal of economic growth of the company.


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By watching our steps towards the growth of our small business is to introduce all the things systematically in the business like small business document management. It can be a wise step that can keep all your files and documents arranged in a proper ways, so as to get it whenever you want without any hassle.

Here we can see how small business document management can be efficient for business growth:

How Does It Help?

Document management system helps the business by saving a huge expense by eliminating the usage of paper, which leads to space saving and again expenses for maintaining the paper files are also saved, and you also save on printers and its maintenance. So, on the whole, lot of money is saved. Again, easy access to the documents is gained by the members of the company, as the documents are saved in the central database and it also keeps a check on the one who accessed it or edited it. Security purpose is also fulfilled with different levels of the security which is implemented into the document management system which keeps the documents and files secured from any misuse or misplacement. Lastly, we will get a backup of all the documents in case of any power cut or server crisis.

When the traditional way and modern way of usage of systems are compared, we can see huge savings and productivity with easy access and better growth of small businesses.

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Nov 10 2015

Online Document Management Software Makes Your Day To Day Work Easy

Have you gone through the crucial requirements and necessities of the market? Yes, you are correct the most important thing is “Time”. We know that “time and tide wait for none.” Time is the only thing that convert your small venture to a big business enterprise. So, if you want to carve your name in the domain you work, then make sure you don’t lose your grip on time and work. To make your work go well and fast, the most required thing is to know how to use the Online Document Management Software so as to make your work easy and systematic.

Secure Your Document

The question lies here that “Are you aware of these Document Management Software available online?” If yes then well and if no then go with the flow to gain knowledge about it.

On implementation of the Online Document Management Software, all the file, data and document of your company can be kept in a sorted and in a better way. This can be a boon in the maintenance of clear, detailed records of all the day to day work of the company.


Courtesy: Connectrix

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Nov 09 2015

Imply File Management Software Process in Your Enterprise

File management is a basic process to be done by various enterprises to work effectively without any troubles. But files, when does get heaped with years crossing by it, gets difficult to find out any of the prospective documents when required. Some of the files even may get deteriorated with the passing years.


This certainly can be a reason for huge loss or any conspiracy in any field of business. With the growing technical inventions, many enterprises have tried to do the work with less stress, less human effort or without any other inconvenience. The file management being a certain process for the enterprises can even manage with technical inventions.


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With the growing popularity of the technical inventions, the certain productive software has enhanced the working ability of the enterprises and also productivity. With the use of enterprise file management software, any enterprise can avail all the features of the software with high productiveness.


The use of file management software will enable the enterprises to manage their working strategy effectively and the file management factor will be improved in a secure and easier way.

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Nov 07 2015

Use of Document Management Software by the Enterprises is Profitable

Nowadays the most challenging task is to manage a small business with effectiveness. An enterprise or business needs to be managed effectively to get relevant feedback and the expected productivity. The features of document management software have proven to be the best option for the business persons.

“Some small business entities may be confused to use enterprise document management software due to the size of their business but they should plan to implement in near future if they are planning for growth or expansion.”

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Nov 06 2015

Operate Your Business with Online DMS and Make Your Surrounding Paperless

The growing effectiveness of the document management system has enabled the organization to manage their work splendidly and has become popular all around the globe. These enhance feature is saving lots of time so it is certainly a justified reason for its growing popularity.


Not only the program saves time but even it provides relevant working features for the organizations using the effective program. It conveys the working strategy of the organization in an easier way.


What Does Online Document Management system Provide?


The online document management system provides the businesses or individuals the tools to store and feature different types of documents as well as electronic files that prove to be beneficial for the user. This leads to the increase in productivity as the information, files or data can be accessed appropriately by the organization.


The growing popularity of electronic document management system or online document management system encourage the different organization to implement in their respective business. Any organization can use this system irrespective the size of the business.


Everyone will know the effectiveness of the Business with online DMS when used.


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Nov 05 2015

Document Management Solution India Will Be Certainly Helpful For Any Business

With the growing popularity of document management solution India, it is getting admired by the businesses all over India vastly. This is because of the numerous benefits it provides to the businesses. Document management solution even saves cost and time that is effective for dual reasons. The document management solutions system is not limited for a particular type or size of business or department. It is helpful to all in a bit way.

Time Can Be Valuable. Use Cannot

As time is more valuable than money for everyone so this feasible and profitable document management solution is relevant for everyone. With the valuable use of time any organization can increase its productive and can compete from the other businesses in a better way. By implementing the document management solution, the employee or employer of the organization can work with perfection as they are not going to invest much of the time on looking for the document. They will get all documents at one place just by the name or keyword of the files.

The Helpful Factors of Online Document Management Solution


Courtesy: ExtendCode

This process of document management solution will provide the organization a very clear record of every operation within the organization. This will definitely waive away certain problems that are faced commonly in any business. Even with the incurred process of document management solution in the daily work routine it will be a more enhancing feature for any organization.

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Sep 29 2015

Benefits of ShareDocs Enterpriser.

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There are many more things that can be achieved with the help of ShareDocs Enterpriser. We will see a few in this article.

One of them is Conservation & Recycle Management. Each & every document is soft-copied as soon as it is generated for convenient photo-copying for later use. This helps in preserving official documents for a longer period of time & avoiding deterioration caused by frequent shuffling. This also helps in conserving and recycling paper for future use.

Secondly, ShareDocs Enterpriser stores all the documents on Windows Network drives. As a result of this, no room is left for permanent deletion of documents, irrespective of intentional or unintentional activities. Hence Zero scope for Document Loss.

ShareDocs Enterpriser helps you to manage space by keeping old records, preserved for legal processes, as well as newer documents, required for current references, all in one place. Being a paperless system of managing documents, ShareDocs Enterpriser helps you cut costs like those of physical space & storage units.

So, third important aspect of Space Management is served automatically.

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Sep 22 2015


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One may feel less secure with digital storage than physical storage. Both mediums face more or less risks, but digital storage offers much more improved capabilities of tracking a document safely.

ShareDocs Enterpriser keeps a track of every single activity related to every single document. This results into accountability since all trails & track records are collated within the system.

Data Protection

ShareDocs offers protection which helps to ensure accountability. This protection is not simple. Complex encryption methods are used which render the document completely unreadable to anyone without proper credentials which results in effective protection.

If you consider physical storage, physical locks can be easily broken compared to encrypted documents.

Audit Trail

The feature of Audit Trail in ShareDocs enables you to determine whether any record is tampered. Not only this, but the software will record how, when & who has tampered.

In this era, when we all are afraid of corporate spying, frauds, stealing of documents, secrets etc. ShareDocs will give you a sigh of relief. Many different layers of security like password protection, encryption etc. will identify those who tamper any record & make it evident to hold them accountable for their misdeed.

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Sep 10 2015

Secure Data Management

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ShareDocs Enterpriser promises 0% data leakage and secure management of documents. Since it has a provision for hierarchy-specific access, every component of the organization is binding to access data only permissible to their role. This reduces the chances of misuse and unauthorized access.

For example, access of important confidential documents is limited to the concerned authorities. HR related documents & records are accessible only to personnel department. Accounts related information is accessible only to accounts department & so on.

This denies unauthorized access to people & automatically prohibits them from misusing confidential information.

So the outcome is, the top management can manage their data with absolute security.

Thanks to ShareDocs, an ultimate DMS solution.

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Sep 08 2015

Robust & Speedy Search

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Robust & Speedy Search:

Within no time, you will find the documents and information easily with robust search capabilities. Whether you search on metadata or “full text” file contents or both, with dynamic filters and sort functions, ShareDocs will ensure that, you will find the right information that you needed.

ShareDocs is capable of smoothly handling even a chaotic folder structure. The metadata-driven Dynamic searches enable documents and other information to show up in multiple locations without creating confusing duplicates. So no more struggle with loads of files, no more sneezing etc. etc.

Isn’t it worth going for ShareDocs??

Think & then act fast.

Till then, happy surfing. 🙂

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