Oct 24 2016

Basic Document Upload and Retrieval process in ShareDocs Enterpriser Document Management Solution

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For any Document Management Solution, document upload to the central repository and searching the documents are most common and important functionalities. In ShareDocs Enterpriser there are multiple methods of document upload like Single File Upload, Batch Upload, Upload via Email and Auto Upload of documents from Predefined location.

  1. Upload – Whatever way the document is being uploaded, it has to be checked for threats and once it is checked it has to be encrypted for secured access. Following Image can explain the process in detail.
File Upload

File Upload Process in ShareDocs Enterpriser





2.  Document Retrieval РThere are multiple methods to search or retrieve the document. In addition to a simple query builder for MetaData search, users can search in the text captured through OCR also. Following image can help you to understand the process.


Document Retrieval

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