Mar 28 2016

Document Management Systems: Conserving Electronic Documents Becomes Easier!

Documentation is an integral part of every business. Digitalization of every domain has resulted in electronic documentation in all fields. We have taken many steps to ensure properly ordered arrangement and storage of paper documents in the past. Now we have to look for solutions to ensure electronic document management. Let us know some more about document management systems.


Document Management…Sounds New, Doesn’t It?

  • Online Document management systems are needed for storing, managing and tracking electronic documents.
  • According to the specification of ISO 12651-2, a document can be defined as a unit of recorded information.
  • Though the definition can be quite difficult to understand, a simplistic breakdown of the definition of a document can be ‘an entity which we have created, distributed and used for the purpose of information sharing’.
  • Document management can be considered as the predecessor of content management.
  • The provision of document management was available on a stand-alone basis like its peers in the field of imaging and archiving.
  • The foremost benefit of the document management system is imposing controls and access privileges to an ‘unmarked’ document.
  • Without document management, it would have been impossible to access documents whenever needed.



Some Of The Exclusive Features Of Document Management Software In India Are:

  • Annotations and stamps are available as markers for each document so that you don’t lose track of crucial documents.
  • Sign in and sign out facilities along with locking ensure that editing and modifications in a single document from different people do not overlap.
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  • Users have the privilege of rolling back an error or unintended release by accessing the previous version.
  • The different versions of a document can be estimated carefully owing to version control privileges offered in document management systems.
  • The facility of audit trail allows checking the different levels of modification through which the document has passed.
  • These facilities allow consistency and security of data management as well as data conservation.Document management was gradually included in content management, and now we can access numerous chunks of data despite no authorship of any content.The progress in document management has gone on to fathom complex applications for us. We can access document management systems in varied sizes and different configurations ranging from stand-alone systems to large enterprise based designs.

    Document management systems are not limited to the restrictions of physical document management. The availability of a digital platform for storage, security, audit trails and version control of documents multiplies the efficacy of document management systems.

    The clients who can benefit from the impeccable services of document management software are enterprises which require scrutinized storage of information and companies having a global distribution.

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