Feb 21 2017

OCR in Document Management Solution


OCR Process

OCR Process in ShareDocs Enterpriser

Machines replicating human activities like reading has been a  dream since ages. However, over the last five decades, this dream is slowly turning into reality. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) has become one of the most successful applications of technology in the field of pattern recognition and artificial intelligence.

Why does a Document Management Solution need an OCR?

Documents which are uploaded to DMS are usually image files. One can search and retrieve documents with the help of metadata, which is either  entered manually or imported from some other source. However, it may so happen sometime that you may need some important information,  which is not tagged with metadata. This is why it is necessary for a DMS to have in-built OCR. ShareDocs Enterpriser comes with this feature.
Its in-built OCR engine can help you capture readable text from documents and search documents without relying on metadata.

How does OCR work in ShareDocs Enterpriser?

1.      When a file is being uploaded, the user gets an option to either enable or skip the OCR process for documents. ShareDocs Enterpriser initiates the OCR process for the files for which the user has chosen the OCR option.

2.      After this, ShareDocs Enterpriser’s inbuilt OCR engine captures text from the file and stores the same in a database with links to the original file.

3.      When the same file is being searched, the user gets an option to perform “Content Search”. The user can then view or download the file.

It’s all about choosing the right option and OCR is just a click away!

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Nov 12 2016

Three Methods of Searching documents in any Document Management Solution

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“Search is the most important functionality of any Document Management Solution. Any DMS is incomplete and ineffective if it is not equipped with strong search functionality.

Effective data management and easy data retrieval are supposed to be the key traits of a good DMS.

Hence, the search functionality is expected to be the most important attribute of a DMS

Every Document Management Solution should have at least 3 Search methods separately or combined

1.      File Name – User should have option to search on file names, keywords or search in the notes which are added with the document.

2.      Search in OCR Most of the Document Management Solutions are available with inbuilt OCR engines. User should have options to search in the OCR content extracted from Documents.

3.      Multi-Level Query Builder – User should have option to create multiple filters while searching in the MetaData attached to the documents.



  1. Search in DMS

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Oct 24 2016

Basic Document Upload and Retrieval process in ShareDocs Enterpriser Document Management Solution

For any Document Management Solution, document upload to the central repository and searching the documents are most common and important functionalities. In ShareDocs Enterpriser there are multiple methods of document upload like Single File Upload, Batch Upload, Upload via Email and Auto Upload of documents from Predefined location.

  1. Upload – Whatever way the document is being uploaded, it has to be checked for threats and once it is checked it has to be encrypted for secured access. Following Image can explain the process in detail.
File Upload

File Upload Process in ShareDocs Enterpriser





2.  Document Retrieval – There are multiple methods to search or retrieve the document. In addition to a simple query builder for MetaData search, users can search in the text captured through OCR also. Following image can help you to understand the process.


Document Retrieval

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Aug 04 2016

5 ways to calculate ROI for your ECM investment

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Step 1. Estimate current document handling and storage costs. To find out how much is currently spent on a monthly basis to handle paper documents, list down the following: number of employees who handle paper documents, their average hourly salary, and time spent by each employee retrieving documents, making copies, recreating existing information, and faxing documents each day.

Estimate also the number of paper copies generated each day (pages), cost per copy (paper, toner, ink); amount spent on physical offsite storage per month, hours spent accessing this offsite storage and amount spent on filing supplies; as well as the amount spent on overnight delivery services and postage per month, or the number of faxes sent per day.

This exercise would give you a rough estimate of the labor, copying, storage and distribution cost of a paper-based office. You would be surprised at the staggering cost this exercise on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Step 2: Estimate the impact of a document management system on your operations. For each cost item you identified in Step 1, estimate how much of a reduction can be expected as a result of implementing ECM. It would be helpful to forecast a best-case and a worst-case scenario. For example, reducing time spent filing documents by 75 percent could be the best-case scenario, while a 50 reduction may be a worst-case scenario.

Step 3: Multiply the savings (percentages) by your initial cost factors. This provides a best- and worst-case scenario of the monthly savings that your unit will realize as a result of more efficient content management.

Step 4. Estimate the costs associated with ECM. The costs of software, licensing, hardware (and maybe employee training) must be factored in. However, they will vary significantly from department to department or from organization to organization, especially in the area of conversion expenses (i.e. document imaging required to convert paper documents into digital files).

Step 5. Calculate ROI. The return on investment should be the net annualized document handling savings divided by the total ECM costs, as a percentage. Using best- and worst-case scenarios should enable you to arrive at a high and low estimate for the ROI.


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Mar 28 2016

Document Management Systems: Conserving Electronic Documents Becomes Easier!

Documentation is an integral part of every business. Digitalization of every domain has resulted in electronic documentation in all fields. We have taken many steps to ensure properly ordered arrangement and storage of paper documents in the past. Now we have to look for solutions to ensure electronic document management. Let us know some more about document management systems.


Document Management…Sounds New, Doesn’t It?

  • Online Document management systems are needed for storing, managing and tracking electronic documents.
  • According to the specification of ISO 12651-2, a document can be defined as a unit of recorded information.
  • Though the definition can be quite difficult to understand, a simplistic breakdown of the definition of a document can be ‘an entity which we have created, distributed and used for the purpose of information sharing’.
  • Document management can be considered as the predecessor of content management.
  • The provision of document management was available on a stand-alone basis like its peers in the field of imaging and archiving.
  • The foremost benefit of the document management system is imposing controls and access privileges to an ‘unmarked’ document.
  • Without document management, it would have been impossible to access documents whenever needed.



Some Of The Exclusive Features Of Document Management Software In India Are:

  • Annotations and stamps are available as markers for each document so that you don’t lose track of crucial documents.
  • Sign in and sign out facilities along with locking ensure that editing and modifications in a single document from different people do not overlap.
  • 2


  • Users have the privilege of rolling back an error or unintended release by accessing the previous version.
  • The different versions of a document can be estimated carefully owing to version control privileges offered in document management systems.
  • The facility of audit trail allows checking the different levels of modification through which the document has passed.
  • These facilities allow consistency and security of data management as well as data conservation.Document management was gradually included in content management, and now we can access numerous chunks of data despite no authorship of any content.The progress in document management has gone on to fathom complex applications for us. We can access document management systems in varied sizes and different configurations ranging from stand-alone systems to large enterprise based designs.

    Document management systems are not limited to the restrictions of physical document management. The availability of a digital platform for storage, security, audit trails and version control of documents multiplies the efficacy of document management systems.

    The clients who can benefit from the impeccable services of document management software are enterprises which require scrutinized storage of information and companies having a global distribution.

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Mar 15 2016

6 Major Benefits of Online Document Management System

Documents or records of an organization are the most valuable asset which you can say as the corporate memory. Therefore, it is vital to have a systematic management of these documents all through its lifecycle.

Thus, document management companies in India are nowadays appearing in the business market like mushrooms in rainy days. These companies help you in taking good care of your corporate memory from its start to end date, or you can say birth to adieu.


What had these companies promised?

The companies in India, which are dealing with document management ensures that your corporate information is being effectively managed which will later allow you to have faster, precise and reliable access to records.

They work closely with complete confidence so that you can achieve the timely destruction of redundant information, including the recognition and security of your historical records.

The document management companies in India are also employing modern ways like software or online options for easy and hassle-free document management. It is done because you can have the privilege to achieve the immediate availability of your corporate memory wherever and whenever you required them the most.

Why online document management system?

  1. It helps you improving the access to information and records. A user can able to search a particular document within a single search query. By doing some clicks on the mouse, an archived document can easily be found.
  2. Its easy-to-recover any documents. Practically, it’s almost impossible to create a backup for your entire papers and documents, and also, it’s an unguarded and expensive way to keep that data. But in the case of online document management system, you can have the facility to back up your entire data and documents which you can further use during the data loss.


3. Helps improvising customer service. The data management system online option will permit you locating and retrieving your corporate memory instantly. This will result in enhancing the efficiency, and helps you save a lot of time to effectively respond to your customers. Accessed data and information can be faxed or mailed to your customers immediately.Information sharing is easy. Any sorts of documents, videos or images, including information can easily be shared via Local Area Network, on the company internet or the intranet. You can also have the privilege to share your entire data with the help of removable media such as external

4. Information sharing is easy. Any sorts of documents, videos or images, including information can easily be shared via Local Area Network, on the company internet or the intranet. You can also have the privilege to share your entire data with the help of removable media such as external hard-disks, pen-drives or via CD/DVD.Ideas are always welcomed. The authorized personnel of the company can able to view the files, documents, and information anytime they want. They can also provide effective suggestions to do the changes in the existing documents or files.

5.Ideas are always welcomed. The authorized personnel of the company can able to view the files, documents, and information anytime they want. They can also provide effective suggestions to do the changes in the existing documents or files.

6.Information can be organized. The online document management system will also allow you to do proper indexing of the documents and files so that you can easily found them in a faster and convenient way.

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Jan 14 2016

What you achieve by Implementing ShareDocs Enterpriser ?

Take a look at your desk and around your office. Do you see stacks of paper that are creating confusing clutter and taking up space? Does it always seem to take forever to find the document you’re looking for? Is a lack of organization caused by a paper avalanche making you less productive than you should be?

The good news is that you can easily reduce the amount of paper flowing through your office with the help of paperless document management software from ShareDocs Enterpriser. Our intuitive paperless office solutions allow you to easily capture, store, manage, share and protect your critical business data, so you can dramatically improve your file management process and save time and money.

Paper is obsolete. Technology is no longer a revolution; instead, it is something that has become intrinsic to modern society. Computers are the size of your hand, people are more connected than ever, and printing, filing or mailing documents is something you should never have to do again. As a business owner, it’s time for you to take that next step and finally utilize paperless systems. There are countless advantages, and you’re sure to love the instant impact it can have on your company.

  1. Instant Savings

The best business decisions are the ones that save you money, and choosing a system like ShareDocs Enterpriser absolutely falls into that category. You’re wasting money every day on paper, ink, and other printing supplies, not to mention the cost of storage space, cabinets and physical filing systems. Digital files are free once the hardware is in place, and you can forget about expenses like printer repair jobs.

  1. Top-Notch Organization

Even without the significant savings you’re sure to experience, you’d still love a paperless document management system because it is simply superior to a physical system when it comes to ease of use and organization. Looking for old files in a physical cabinet can be frustrating and can take hours, and you still may not find what you need. With a virtual system, you can search by date, file name or keyword, and you’ll have your results in seconds. Best of all, you can do that without setting foot inside of the office.

  1. Sharing and File Transfers

You know how connected the world is with social media and instant communications, and your document management system needs to be up to par. With a virtual system, any file can easily be securely shared directly to another computer within seconds. With cloud-based systems, any user with the proper interface and permissions can log on from any location and access files. Sharing has never been so safe and easy, and you’ll love how free-flowing information helps any business function at a high level.

  1. Next-Generation Security

Additionally, a system like ShareDocs Enterpriser offers unprecedented safety and security. Audit trails mean you know exactly who has access to the files and enables compliance with document regulations. Also, you can determine permissions levels—who can see, edit, and share files is within your control. Even which files each user can see is predetermined and controlled by the system, giving you privacy, security, and control.

  1. Total Loss Protection

Finally, you’ll love how a virtual system ensures that your documents and records are protected from any physical dangers, such as a fire or a flood. While the physical damage to the offices will need to be repaired, your company will retain cloud-based documentation so that business-as-usual isn’t interrupted, and you don’t miss a beat.

Key Benefits of Paperless Filing System Software

A paperless filing system offers many important business benefits including:

  • Greater organization — If you have ever had the frustrating experience of trying to locate a document in a stack of papers or in an overloaded file cabinet, you’ll appreciate how much easier your work life will be with an office paperless software solution. You can quickly and easily access specific documents on your computer by performing a fast search by file name, date or keyword.
  • Cost savings — The expenses associated with a paper filing system extend beyond the cost of the paper. There’s also the cost of printer maintenance, ink, filing cabinets, storage space, and the manual labor involved with filing. With paperless document management, these costs will be reduced significantly, which can have a major impact on your company’s bottom line.
  • Increased data security — Going to great lengths to protect confidential data is an absolute necessity, especially in industries such as healthcare and securities that must adhere to strict government regulations. Paperless filing software gives you greater control over who has access to sensitive patient or client information and how this data is shared with others, while helping you remain in compliance from a legal standpoint.
  • Physical protection — Think of what would happen if you maintain a paper filing system that’s damaged or destroyed by a flood, fire or other disaster. Vital data would be lost forever. Paperless office solutions eliminate this worry once and for all. You’ll be able to store critical information in the cloud, and as long as there’s an Internet, you’ll always be able to retrieve your data!
  • Enhanced file sharing capabilities — In order to share a paper file with a colleague, it must be physically transported to the individual. The transportation of the file takes time, and it may require an additional shipping expense. Faxing is another option, but this can also involve additional phone costs, as well as lead to potential security and privacy issues. Paperless document management offers the convenience and security of sending a document from one computer to another in a matter of seconds.


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Nov 18 2015

Document Management Companies in India: Manages To Make the Companies Organized

Document Management Companies in India work in such a way that they can make different entities and firms work on their own by providing them different types of tools and software which can help them manage their document on their own without any problem and annoyance.

The management of document helps them to keep records of their work and progression that leads them to set a better standard for their company and make an accessible surrounding for their employees and employers.

What Benefits does it provide?

Gives better provision of storage tools and software on document management to the individuals and firms, easy accessibility to the information and data for the users in the workplace for a better output, with the easy accessibility the organization saves lots of time which help to increase the productivity, all types of data can be saved in the Document Management software that can be stored for  future reference and provides a backup for the disaster recovery or power failure so that no information is lost in some unfavourable circumstances.


Courtesy: blog.esds.co.in

How Does It Ease the Task of Documentation?

Document Management Companies in India provides different types of software and these are nowadays preferred by all the big and small companies as the main concern is making the company a productive one with the perfect management of the documents, images, records and all. The most important things that are becoming popular day-by-day are the Web document management.

As workload of the company increases day-by-day the documentation part will also increase. So, the company needs to have a different set of management modules which can make the workflow at a better pace in order to achieve expected productivity. As we see some module does the management of work, so the employees get to focus more on the serious issues and productivity of the company.

It Is To Solve Problems

The software provided by the Indian companies in regards to the document management is created in such a way that the problems and issues can be tackled precisely by the software and tools. They also make the information storage healthier and trouble free.

Recently in India a lot of companies have been seen those have just got into this stream of document management in order to digitalised companies all document in order to increase the productivity of the organisation.


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Nov 18 2015

Grab the Streaming Option of Document Management Software for Your Business

Document management is a basic criterion for the businesses or enterprises to be followed and managed with great effort. The responsibility for document management must be enhanced in order to avoid any inconvenience arises at the time of work. The feedback and profit of the enterprises depend on well document management indeed.

With the growing technical inventions and uses of the related management software, the demands for these systems are increased in the world market. Not lying behind Indian market has even concluded and is responsive with the innovative document management software.

How Does It Reduce Stress

The enterprises opt for document management software India to reduce their stress and effort very easily. The numerous benefits of the document management software India makes it admirable. The document management software has no limitation in regards to the enterprises or businesses and is effective for any business.

The use of document management software is not limited to any department of any enterprise or organization. It is very helpful for all types of organization’s or enterprise’s department. The cost effectiveness and time-saving factor is the most important factor for its demand throughout India.


Courtesy: Dskglobalsolutions

The Benefits for the Enterprises

The document management software gives a very clear record of every transaction of the company which is certainly required by the officials for records. It relates with the effectiveness of profits of the enterprise that is relevantly solved by the software.It is obvious that to find any particular file from the heap of files is not easier and even the stored files may get damaged when stored for years. The document management software helps in avoiding the old tradition of maintaining files and storing in a room.

How Does It Saves Time

All files and data can be accessed at one place without any inconvenience. This help in saving much more time and the saved time can be implied in other works. Within few seconds of access, the searched file can be viewed on the computer by any authorized person.

The files are categorized and subcategorized under various classifications and even date wise, so when required a specific file it can be searched on the computer with the special keywords through the software with few clicks, it is easier to access by any authorized person of the enterprise of the business, and no special training is required for its operation.The document management software is a secure option to store files and operate through the document management software.

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Nov 18 2015

Use of Document Management Software in India in the Health Care Division

The base of any of the organization is its data, document and information. These are to be stored carefully as they are important for the growth of the company and can be required at any time, so at that time it can work as a reference. Whenever some decisions are made by the company, those are to be kept and stored for the future reference and if lost then the company can come across big problems.

Importance of Document Management Software

Now the adversity of computers have changed the document management process a lot and because of this you can see a huge diversion that how the Document Management Software in India are now doing than the prior period. Many of the IT companies provide different types of document management software, and those are used by different sectors for various types of requirements.


Courtesy: Doccept

Health Care Division and Document Management Software

Every day in India, a huge amount of data are gathered from different health care divisions and saving and keeping them safe is very important cause it may be of immense importance. Many a times the storage process is done in a manual manner, which increases rate of losing them due to some immense crisis.  But now it has become easy with the increase in the usage of computers and Document Management Software in India. Although storing in computer also requires some proper management so as to last for a lifetime.

As we know that this software are easy to use, handle, install and uninstall. So this can be vital when it comes to Indian health care as storing and recovering of information can be easy when computer software is used. And on usage of this software, misuse or any information becomes impossible due to its advanced technological security.

Things to Be Kept In Mind While Storing Them in Computers

The data are to be stored properly for later reference, installation of the software should be done as per the guidelines, information should not be put messily so that there will be no confusions and problems and lastly the software selected should be from a better company that gives some guarantee on their work.

The software is greatly efficient and valuable in executing and implementing the documents to policies and procedures of health management.

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