ShareDocs Enterpriser: Fast-paced DMS for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry.

The FMCG industry operates at a remarkable speed. Days begin with inventory management, retail goods being offloaded, consumer durables being arranged on racks and shelves and consumers walking in at any time between 12 hours! Turn-around-time, fast-paced documentation, consumer satisfaction, all need to be taken care of while abiding by audit regulations, legal agreements and distribution management.

“ShareDocs Enterpriser caters to FMCG outlets ranging from consumer durables and packaged goods providers, toiletries, over-the-counter drug providers, departmental stores, retail stores, hypermarkets, convenience stores and more.”

The most common types of documents used in this arena include: sales invoice, inventory documents, asset management documents, employee records, vendor details, vendor invoices, distributor agreements, sales partnership agreements, facility management agreements, employee records and much more.

“ShareDocs Enterpriser helps to fasten this process by offering one of the best document management solutions at a reasonable price!”

Features like scanning, uploading, indexing, content search, structured search, data confidentiality, workflow management and industry-specific functionalities give ShareDocs Enterpriser that competitive edge.

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