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Increase your team’s productivity & cut down paperwork.
Bring Everyone on single platform.

I Want to be Paperless!!
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We would take care of all your documents while your company take the
centre stage of global fame and success.

I Want to be Paperless!!

Why Document Management Solution Is Needed?

  • Robust Search – Online Document Management Software:

    With keywords, ShareDocs Enterpriser provides speed & precision in document search. Search with a word or phrase included in the title of that document & there you go… You will retrieve all the related documents within no time.

  • Secure Data Management:

    ShareDocs Enterpriser promises 0% data leakage and secure management of documents. Since it has a provision for hierarchy-specific access , every component of the organization can access data only permissible to their role. This reduces the chances of misuse and unauthorized access.

  • Consistency:

    Documents are captured and saved in an administrator defined pattern avoiding chaos and multiple categorizations, hence keeping harmony in later processes as process should not change as per employee’s comfort level but should be system driven.

What Is This Exactly?

ShareDocs Enterpriser is a high-tech and secure document management system that lets you create, share, preserve, procure and manage official documents. Taking the Green Initiative forward, it helps you make your business go paperless. Its SME-specific modules, customizable design and ease of use makes ShareDocs Enterpriser one of the most favored enterprise document management system.

Whom Is It Meant For?

This solution is meant for large/medium or small size enterprises, geographically distributed companies & enterprises where business critical information is locked away in physical documents.